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Darfur Relief Effort


Help Stop State-Sponsored Terrorism in Darfur

Raise awareness for the dying and suffering in the Sudan

Darfur is the western province of Sudan which is currently being raided by state-sponsored terrorists. The Janjaweed are a Moslem militia that have been attacking the civilian population in Darfur which are largely Christians and animists. Estimates range up to 200,000 killed and another 1.6 million driven from their homes into the desert during the past few years. The Janjaweed are killing, raping, and torturing innocent men, women, and children daily under the tacit and sometimes active support of the Sudanese government.

The conflict erupted when oppressed tribes revolted against the totalitarian and racist government in Khartoum. There was widespread killing and atrocities undoubtedly committed by both sides during the civil war. Now, rebel forces have generally honored a cease fire but the government in Khartoum continues its attack against minority tribes in Darfur. The government, acting largely through the Janjaweed militia, is engaged in genocide in an effort to eradicate "the problem" with its minority African tribes.

Green wristbands are available to express your support for the victims of Darfur. To purchase a single wristband for $2.50 (postage paid), click the "donation" button below. If you wish to order 10 or more wristbands, click Save Darfur  to go directly to the website sponsoring this project and to learn more about how you can help.

No oil, only blood  . . .  not white, but black  . . .  and too few seem to care. Make your voice heard!



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