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Historic Roots of Terrorism

Historic Roots of Terrorism


The roots of modern terrorism stem from two directions. One set of roots describes the use of terrorist strategies to affect political and social change from a historical perspective. The other set of roots describes the historical basis of the conflicts that generate the imperative for the desired change that is seemingly obtainable only by adopting terrorist strategies. Together they shed light on modern terrorism and the pressing conflicts of today.

This module discusses the historic roots of terrorism, considering both terrorism from a historical perspective and the historical basis of some contemporary terrorist organizations. Click Historic Roots of Terrorism  to view the PowerPoint presentation (4.44 MB).

Focus Questions

  1. What terrorist groups were active in previous generations? Did they achieve their goals?
  2. What are some of the major terrorist groups active today? Which are the most serious concern for the United States? Worldwide?
  3. What are the historical bases of the most serious conflicts of today?
  4. What other conflicts are likely to arise in the future?