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PsychologyofTerrorism.com is an independent think-tank that examines various aspects of terrorism including terrorist objectives and tactics. A major focus is on the psychological impact of terrorism, the psychology of terrorist organizations, and the development of appropriate counter-terrorist strategies.

Academic Training

Individual training modules are provided that explore many of the central themes essential for understanding terrorism. These modules are used to support academic courses and seminars taught by Dr. Michael A. Bozarth at the University at Buffalo. Directed study is offered only in-residence, but on-site seminars and short courses are available periodically. In addition, the individual modules may be used in other training programs provided that the source is clearly acknowledged.


The information contained on this web site is provided as a public service. The author assumes no liability for the accurary or use of the information contained herein.

Contact Information

Dr. Michael A. Bozarth
Department of Psychology
State University of New York
Buffalo, New York 14260-4110

e-mail: info@PsychologyofTerrorism.com