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A New Resource for the PsychologyofTerrorism.com Thinktank

02/11/09 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

Welcome to the discussion forum for the PsychologyofTerrorism.com (PsyoT). This blog is an open, unmoderated forum for discussing topics related to terrorism with a special emphasis on understanding the terrorist's motivation, mindset, and other psychological aspects of terrorism. Neither PsyoT nor any of its agents are responsible for the content of this blog. "The Professor" will on occasion add commentary or initiate a thread but generally does not moderate the content of this forum.

The discussion forum has been added as a new resource to the PsychologyofTerrorism.com website because of popular demand for such a mechanism to support its educational objective in an open, uncensored environment. Requests to initiate new topics/threads can be sent to the blog administrator. Participation is open to all registered users.

To help organize the information discussed and subsequently archived here, please initiate a new thread when appropriate (e.g., changing a topic) and post replies and added commentary to an existing thread at least while the thread is still active. Because of the nature of this forum, any personal information collected for registration purposes is protected under Federal regulations including FERPA. Information posted by the participants in this forum, however, is public and the user is cautioned about revealing personal information in such postings (e.g., actual identify, personal address).

Good hunting, happy blogging, and cheers,

"The Professor"

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This blog provides an open, unmoderated forum to discuss topics addressed by PsychologyofTerrorism.com which is an independent think-tank that examines various aspects of terrorism including terrorist objectives and tactics. A major focus is on the psychological impact of terrorism, the psychology of terrorist organizations, and the development of effective counter-terrorist strategies.


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