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Obama Reaching Out to the Taliban?

03/09/09 | by the professor [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

President Obama’s attempted dialog with the Taliban represents one more step in winning the war on terrorism. Not surprisingly, the media and many of the ‘expert’ analysts have done it again—‘they can’t see the forest for the trees.’ Obama’s “call on moderate Taliban” attempts to open a dialog with the less militant factions of that fundamentalist regime and tries to provide a ‘road map’ (albeit sketchy) to possible resolution of a long-standing conflict with no end in sight. And while it may not convert many Taliban members over to the side of peaceful diplomacy, its impact on the rest of the Moslem world could be very important.

This point is clearly missed by the media and ignored (if not totally missed) by the ‘expert’ analysts on terrorism and on the Taliban. The larger problem of world-wide terrorism has little to do with the Taliban and a lot to do with the wide-spread alienation of Moslems from every country around the world including the United States. Al Qaida and even the Taliban rely heavily on a broad support base, and the policies of the former American administration did much to increase the popular support of Islamic extremists.

With this broader perspective, it should be obvious that Obama is less reaching out to the radical elements of Islamic fundamentalism such as the Taliban itself and more to the moderate members of the Moslem world. He’s providing an opportunity to open a dialog, not capitulating to the demands of the radicals. Another good move by ‘my’ president: it will take time to determine if he scored the point.

One has to wonder if those quoted by the Reuters story (see link below) who were so quick to comment on the futility of Obama’s action perhaps have a vested interest in the total elimination of the Taliban and its former members from any future Afghan government and from regional politics. Does anyone remember the self-serving, false intelligence reports provided by Iraqi exiles prior to Bush’s invasion of Iraq searching for imaginary weapons of mass destruction?

[To read the lead story ‘analyzing’ the impact of Obama’s statement, follow the link below:
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090309/pl_nm/us_afghan_obama_talks_2 .]

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