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In response to: Obama Reaching Out to the Taliban?

Aysil Susuzlu [Visitor]
Recently, we talked about Al Qaeda's being anti- semitic but when I check Zawahiri's recent tape from Turkish sources, I see that al qaeda appears to be only against Ziyonizm and Crusaders not Jews.
Besides, I recommend everyone to check the following website,7340,L-3303485,00.html. it is an interesting example about the unpredictable diversity of Al Queda's follower profile. Besides,
if you want to read different aspects of Al Qaeda which is originated in the idea that AL Qaeda itself is a Jewish Organization, I recommend you read the article:
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In response to: Obama Reaching Out to the Taliban?

Aysil Susuzlu [Visitor]
I remember people saying reckless, relentless aggressor for Saddam Husein and with the tons of nuclear weapons, people assumed that he had, he just appeared too unpredictable to be prevented from threatening America. Some views even went so far as to argue that Saddam was "unintentionally suicidal". Anyways, he had to be executed and Iraq was to be invaided for the so-called "national security". However, I wonder what was stopping Saddam from using those weapons against United States? Can it be because he never had them? unfortunately yes.
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